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Here you may purchase credentialing data for US physicians, non-US medical school graduates residing in the United States and physician assistants. Our trusted and comprehensive data meet select standards of CMS, The Joint Commission, HFAP, DNV, NCQA and AAAHC. View a table of the standards met by AMA Profiles.

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If you are the designated administrator for your organization and have never purchased from AMA Profiles Hub, please begin by creating an account. (If you are a physician new to this site, please see the Physician section below for details and account creation links.)

After your account is created and your organization is approved, you may add users to the account and purchase profiles. Learn more about how to use AMA Profiles Hub or call (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (central time), for support.

Physicians: Access your profile

All physicians—MD and DO—are encouraged to access and review their AMA Profile for free. Your profile reflects the most current information recorded within the AMA Physician Professional Data™, formerly known as AMA Physician Masterfile, and may be used by organizations that you have authorized to verify your credentials for the purpose of licensing, privileging, or payer enrollment. Information on your AMA Profile can also help you complete an application for credentialing or licensing. Watch a video to learn more about credentialing and the role of an AMA Profile or access our "AMA Preparation Guide for the Physician Credentialing Process."

Physicians may also request that their profile be securely delivered on their behalf to any one of 67 medical licensing jurisdictions.

If you have never accessed your profile from AMA Profiles Hub, please sign in using your AMA account information. If you do not have an AMA account, please create an account now.

Protecting your privacy. The first time that physicians add their self-inquiry profiles to the cart, they must correctly answer a series of security questions based on information held within the AMA Physician Professional Data. Physicians are allowed two opportunities to answer all four questions correctly. If they answer successfully, the self-inquiry profile will show as added to cart. Those who fail to answer correctly will be prohibited from accessing the self-inquiry profile and will be directed to call (800) 665-2882 and ask for the security questions to be reset.

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