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SNOMED CT® to CPT® Rules-Based Cross Maps

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Publisher: American Medical Association
Author: American Medical Association

These rules-based cross maps provides accurate associations between SNOMED CT procedure concepts and CPT codes. For example, each association indicates whether a mapping to a CPT code represents the SNOMED CT concept precisely or imprecisely, whether the CPT code is more specific or less specific than the SNOMED CT concept, or merely imprecise.

The purpose of the SNOMED CT-CPT mapping is to provide a tool for developers to utilize in computerized records that can then be refined for particular use cases and users in diverse settings.

The SNOMED CT to CPT Rules-Based Cross Maps enable:

  • Automatic selection of a single CPT code based on an association with a single SNOMED CT Concept.
  • Automatic selections of multiple CPT codes based on associations to a single SNOMED CT concept, where the single concept represents the CPT codes collectively.
  • Selection of one or more CPT codes based on an automated evaluation of a set of rules that applies to associations between SNOMED CT concepts and one or more CPT codes.
  • Manual selection of CPT codes based on textual advice included along with associations from SNOMED CT to CPT. Manual selection would be required where automated evaluation of rules is not feasible, possibly due to the nature of the content, or where the patient record contains insufficient information.

Format: Tab-delimited TXT files

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