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Physician's Guide to Medicolegal Practice

Publisher: American Medical Association
Softbound,  6" x 9",  300 pages
ISBN#: 978-1-62202-885-6
Item#: OP636019
Authors: Mohammed I Ranavaya, MD, JD, MS, FRCPI, FFOM, FACLM, MCIME

Physician's Guide to Medicolegal Practice: Softbound

List Price: $105.95
AMA Member: $79.95

Available 08/31/2019

Physician’s Guide to Medicolegal Practice is a practical guide to the information, principles and practices essential for physicians, doctors and other professionals who are contemplating entry into the field of independent medical examination (IME), expert witness and forensic opinion work, or looking to enhance their skills within this field. It bridges the gap between studying the IME business and actually doing the work.

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  • Ten concise and easy to read chapters present the information needed to begin and grow a medicolegal practice.
  • Practice pearls throughout each chapter highlight the main and most salient points. They are the perfect resource for the reader who needs a quick refresh of this guide.
  • Thorough definitions of common medical and legal terms provide readers with the medicolegal vocabulary they need.
  • A robust appendix contains the 10 most important samples of forms, letters and documents that can help a reader launch a new or enhance an established business.
  • For physicians, this book teaches skills absent from medical training or residency programs and rarely covered in journal articles.

Mohammed I. Ranavaya, MD, JD, MS, FRCPI, FFOM, FACLM, MCIME, is a professor of occupational and environmental medicine at Marshall University School of Medicine and serves as director of the Appalachian Institute of Occupational & Environmental Medicine in West Virginia. As a practicing consultant physician, Dr. Ranavaya has advised and trained personnel from the US Department of Labor, state and international government agencies, and multinational insurance companies and businesses on injury management, rehabilitation and return to work issues. He is also a founder and current president of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. Previously, he served as president of the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians.

Dr. Ranavaya is a sought-after author and editor, having written several textbook chapters and articles on physical medicine, rehabilitation, chronic pain management, disability medicine and guidelines, and expert witness and independent medical evaluations. For the AMA, he has served as a section editor and author for both the fifth and sixth editions of Guides® to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.


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