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CPT® Coding Essentials for Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery 2017: E-Book (Non-printable)

CPT<sup>®</sup> Coding Essentials for Cardiology 2017: E-Book (Non-printable)

Edition/Year: 2017
Publisher: American Medical Association
ISBN#: 978-1-62202-567-1
Item#: EB258617
Authors: American Medical Association

CPT® Coding Essentials for Cardiology 2017: E-Book (Non-printable)

List Price: 179.95
AMA Member: 134.95


This comprehensive resource offers the information needed to accurately code for cardiology. Optimized for medical necessity and reimbursement understanding, this guide focuses on a subset of cardiology, cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeries, medicine and ancillary services CPT® codes chosen by experts who take into consideration utilization, denial risk and complexity.

E-Books are not printable.

CPT® Coding Essentials for Cardiology 2017 contains plain English descriptions of each CPT® code, coding tips, CPT® to ICD-10-CM crosswalks and other valuable information making specialty coding easier and more efficient than ever.

Additionally, specialty-tailored sections offering detailed explanations of anatomy, physiology and documentation needed for relevant sections of ICD-10-CM make this the most complete code book companion on the market.

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CPT® Coding Essentials for Cardiology 2017 allows you to access useful, definitive, specialty-specific coding information beyond what is provided in a full procedural code book. It supports decision-making for compliant code selection with contextually relevant billing/coverage rules and tips, and helps to reduce denials and requests for additional documentation.

Features include:

  • 2017 CPT® codes — for cardiology
  • Powerful crosswalks — identify medical necessity with CPT® to ICD-10-CM crosswalks
  • Plain English descriptions — for hundreds of cardiology codes/code groups
  • Code-specific RVUs — determine fees, global days, assistant-at-surgery and prior approval at a glance
  • CPT® coding guidelines — the official guidelines from the American Medical Association
  • NCCI edits — help identify which codes are bundled and which codes can be billed separately
  • High-quality, annotated illustrations — provide visual clarification for coding
  • Pub 100 references
  • Anatomy and physiology overview — for ICD-10-CM cardiovascular system conditions
  • Overview of documentation requirements — for ICD-10-CM cardiovascular system diagnoses
  • Documentation checklists — for ICD-10-CM cardiovascular system diagnoses

Feature CPT® Coding Essentials Optum Coding Companions SuperCoder Illustrated Specialties
Official CPT® Descriptions x x x
CPT® Parenthetical Notes x
ICD-10 specific chapters on anatomy and documentation x
Plain English Descriptions/Lay Descriptions x x x
RVUs x x x
Procedure Illustrations x x x
ICD-10-CM Crosswalks x x x
Official CPT Guidelines x
CPT Assistant References x x
Pub 100 References x x
CCI References x x x
Coding Terms x x
Documentation Checklists x
Sex Icons x
Coding Tips x x

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