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Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding, 4e

Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding, fourth edition: Spiralbound

Edition/Year: Fourth
Publisher: American Medical Association
Softbound,  8½" x 11",  448 pages
ISBN#: 978-1-62202-555-8
Item#: OP103516
Authors: Deborah J. Grider

Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding, fourth edition: Spiralbound

List Price: 89.95
AMA Member: 69.95


Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding provides the tools needed for providers and payers to accurately and effectively use the ICD-10-CM code set. It clarifies the new diagnosis codes in detail to assist in making correct ICD-10-CM coding choices. Examples of real-life chart notes are included.

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Updated to include the 2017 code set, the fourth edition of Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding helps health care professionals learn how to make correct decisions when selecting diagnosis codes from the ICD-10-CM codeset. It is written for all skill levels—from basic to advanced—and appropriate for self-learners and the classroom. This educational tool helps professionals:

  • Understand the purpose of ICD-10-CM and its relationship to the reimbursement process
  • Understand and apply coding conventions when assigning codes
  • Interpret basic coding guidelines for outpatient care
  • Assign ICD-10-CM codes to the highest level of specificity
  • Properly sequence ICD-10-CM codes

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Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding is a best-selling training tool that assists in ICD-10-CM education for medical professionals who need to learn more about ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding.

The fourth edition features:

  • Updated code set: Updated and revised using the 2017 ICD-10-CM code set
  • Introduction to ICD-10-CM: Contains conventions and terminology used in the ICD-10-CM coding system
  • Chapters organized by codebook section: Allows the reader to follow along with the ICD-10-CM codebook
  • Real-life chart notes: Code directly from real-life chart notes from medical records using the ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding system
  • ICD-10-CM guidelines for coding: Leads readers through each of the ICD-10-CM sections by reviewing and analyzing the guidelines
  • Chapter checkpoint exercises: Tests readers' knowledge of ICD-10-CM coding

The Principles of ICD-10-CM Coding, 4e includes new materials to expand resources for instructors and ensure that they are successful in presenting all course work. The following materials are part of the Instructor Resources:

  • Instructor’s Manual includes section overviews for each chapter, teaching notes, and lesson plans
  • PowerPoint Slides can be used to reinforce key concepts to engage students through visual learning
  • Test Bank includes 1000+ questions in a variety of formats and the answer keys and rationales for all 1000+ questions
  • Mock Certification Exams can be used to assess students’ preparedness for certification and/or their overall understanding of terminology, CPT codes, anatomy, reimbursement, patient manage-ment, and ICD-10-CM codes

Instructor resources are available to verified instructors. Please contact Amanda Brothers at to receive access.


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