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Transition to the AMA Guides Sixth

Publisher: American Medical Association
ISBN#: 978-1-60359-786-9
Item#: EB840509
Authors: Robert D. Rondinelli, MD, PhD, Marjorie Eskay-Auerbach, MD, JD

Transition to the AMA Guides® Sixth: E-Book (Non-printable)

List Price: 79.95
AMA Member: 59.95


Transition to the AMA Guides Sixth provides the tools to quickly assimilate and understand the changes associated with the Guides Sixth. Ease the transition by first understanding and assessing the overview, conceptual changes and key changes between the impairment evaluations of the Guides Sixth and previous editions.

Select Transition to the AMA Guides Sixth: Softbound 79.95 59.95

Transition to the AMA Guides Sixth is ideal for current users of the Guides Fifth who need to use and/or understand the Guides Sixth approach. Health care experts who need to stay on top of the latest medical and legal aspects of the AMA Guidelines on impairment evaluation will also find it valuable. This could include physicians, attorneys, insurers, policy makers, legislators and executive branch government officials, as well as administrative personnel in government mandated public or private reimbursement systems.

Transition to the AMA Guides Sixth helps practices seamlessly transition to Guides Sixth with features like:

  • Quick reference tables: Compare and contrast changes between Guides Fifth and Guides Sixth
  • A state-by-state legal analysis of workers' compensation statutes and interpretations of the Guides Sixth
  • Medical and legal tips: Highlight and promote deeper understanding of the impairment assessment methodology and its impairment rating
  • Analysis of the modified scores from different functional tools (PDQ, AAOS, QuickDash) and how to incorporate them into an impairment rating
  • Greater guidance regarding the assessment of pain
  • A summary of the new diagnosis-based approach modeled after the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
  • Professional tips: Highlight and promote deeper understanding of a disability rating
  • Chapters and sections to summarize each body system, mirroring the Guides Sixth
  • Key points and changes to detail the impact of each chapter
  • Standardized assessment of activities of daily living (ADLs) and how the approach has evolved

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"Transition to the AMA Guides Sixth provides the framework for understanding the conceptual changes and its effects on impairment ratings within the Guides Sixth. It is a necessary tool to address the controversies associated with the Guides Sixth and to confidently navigate the new methodology to determine impairment ratings."

E. Randolph Soo Hoo, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Occupational Medicine
Tucson, AZ

"Transition to the AMA Guides Sixth is a necessary supplement to make the Guides Sixth user-friendly for doctors, lawyers and judges. This book is long on application, making it required reading for new and experienced evaluators as well as attorneys."

LuAnn Haley
Administrative Law Judge
Industrial Commission of Arizona


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