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Reimbursement Management

Reimbursement Management (Improving Success and Profitability): E-Book

Edition/Year: 2010
Publisher: American Medical Association
ISBN#: 978-1-60359-758-6
Item#: EB091910
Authors: The Coker Group

Reimbursement Management: Improving the Success and Profitability of Your Practice: E-Book (Non-printable)

List Price: $37.95
AMA Member: $27.95


Medical practice reimbursement gets more complicated with continuous new medical practice regulations. Understanding reimbursement is vital to medical practice profits. Reimbursement Management provides medical practice improvements to help obtain the fullest reimbursement possible and avoid improper claims.

Useful to both the seasoned professional and the newest addition to the medical practice, Reimbursement Management will help the reader become familiar with the reimbursement process and build confidence when handling reimbursement issues.

Understand the Entire Reimbursement System

Medical practice reimbursement management is a complex topic requiring ongoing education as rules and regulations continually evolve. Along with providing high quality patient care, the goal of every physician should be to take responsibility for having the right staff in place and for providing the necessary training and resources for keeping on top of medical practice reimbursement processes. This book helps achieve these medical practice improvements.

With medical practice improvements becoming increasingly relevant in an evolving environment of medical practice regulations, this book covers these important issues:

  • Insurance fundamentals: Learn about the types of insurance plans and providers, methods of reimbursement, credentialing and more
  • Compliance programs: Develop effective plans for staying in compliance
  • HIPAA regulations: Understand the rules and standards for the medical practice
  • Benchmarking and monitoring reimbursement: Improve collection and medical practice reimbursement performance

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"This book covers what ought to be taught in medical school. It provides practical guidelines and useful links. It helps simplify the increasingly complex world of insurance and reimbursement."

Heather Huang, MD
Rush University Medical Center


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