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Introduction to CPT Coding

Intro to CPT Coding: Basic Principles to Learning, Understanding & Applying CPT Code Set: E-Book

Edition/Year: 2011
Publisher: American Medical Association
ISBN#: 978-1-60359-767-8
Item#: EB333012
Authors: American Medical Association

Introduction to CPT® Coding: Basic Principles to Learning, Understanding and Applying the CPT Code Set: E-Book (Non-printable)

List Price: $32.95
AMA Member: $24.95


Introduction to CPT® Coding provides health care professionals with CPT basics, including entry-level coding, CPT guidelines and CPT billing basics. It offers valuable CPT education for thorough CPT training.

Introduction to CPT Coding is an entry-level coding education resource that can be used alone or in a classroom setting. Students and self-learners entering the coding and billing field will learn how to appropriately select the correct codes for their services and procedures. It addresses the general guidelines at the beginner's level and facilitates comprehension and application of the CPT coding guidelines.

Introduction to CPT Coding contains valuable features to provide further educational guidance on appropriate coding, such as:

  • Knowledge check: Questions and answers to test comprehension
  • Key terms: Defines fundamental terms used within the text for ease of use
  • Coding tips: Lists helpful information throughout each chapter
  • Illustrations: Includes specific anatomy of the procedures
  • Coding examples: Teaches how to apply the new skills learned
  • Chapter exercises: Reinforces comprehension with hands-on exercises

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