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Valuing, Selling, and Closing package

Valuing, Selling, and Closing the Medical Practice: Softbound and e-Book package

Edition/Year: 2011
Publisher: American Medical Association
Item#: EB314712
Authors: The Coker Group

Valuing, Selling, and Closing the Medical Practice package: Hardbound and e-Book

List Price: $56.93
AMA Member: $41.93

Valuing, Selling, and Closing the Medical Practice is a comprehensive resource that helps readers understand and formulate medical practice disengagement strategies. Professionals will learn medical practice selling procedures in preparation for selling or closing a medical practice including appraising the value of a practice.

Items in package
Select Valuing, Selling, and Closing the Medical Practice: E-Book (Non-printable)
Select Valuing, Selling, and Closing the Medical Practice: Softbound

Valuing, Selling, and Closing the Medical Practice is the definitive resource on selling and dissolving a medical practice. It covers:

  • Medical practice selling procedures, including details on disengagement, physician diversification and practice buy-in and buy-out
  • Practice closings and considerations, including patient notification requirements, real estate and facility management, technology and information systems
  • Medical practice valuation issues, including managing the appraiser-client relationship, appraisal regulations, preparing for maximum value and fair market opinions in physician-hospital compensation relationships

Written by industry experts active in day-to-day consulting, Valuing, Selling, and Closing the Medical Practice includes:

  • Closing checklist to ensure all elements of the practice are handled appropriately and within the necessary time frame
  • Charts and graphs to visually emphasize key data and content
  • Guidelines and approaches for evaluating the medical practice to help explore the appraisal process and gain insight into the practice value
  • Easy-to-read format to appeal to a wide range of health care personnel in various settings

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