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Principles of CPT Coding, seventh edition

Principles of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Coding: Spiralbound

Edition/Year: seventh
Publisher: American Medical Association
Spiralbound,  8½" x 11",  528 pages
ISBN#: 978-1-60359-759-3
Item#: OP501012
Authors: American Medical Association

Principles of CPT® Coding, seventh edition: Spiralbound

List Price: $37.95
AMA Member: $28.95

Principles of CPT® Coding, seventh edition, is a best-selling resource that provides education on CPT billing and CPT guidelines. It offers valuable training on how to code correctly with CPT. Principles of CPT Coding is updated using the 2013 code set.

Select Principles of CPT® Coding, seventh edition: e-Book (Non-printable) $37.95 $28.95

Principles of CPT Coding, seventh edition, is a textbook designed to supplement the CPT Codebook. It provides an in-depth review of the CPT guidelines and serves as a guide for proper application of the CPT codes.

Principles of CPT Coding provides essential CPT coding education. It features:

  • Expanded and revised chapters: Help readers understand coding through useful descriptions on new codes and enhanced coding guidelines information
  • Updated information for 2013: Guides readers in the proper application of new 2013 codes
  • New and revised tables and Illustrations: Visual aids help make coding easier to understand
  • Coding tips: Provide helpful hints to aid in accurate code selection
  • Updated exercises: Test readers' knowledge and understanding of CPT concepts


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