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Bioterrorism: Guidelines for Medical and Public Health Management

Edition/Year: 2002
Publisher: American Medical Association
Softbound,  6" x 9",  256 pages
ISBN#: 978-1-57947-280-1
Item#: OP405502
Authors: Donald A. Henderson, MD, MPH, Tara O'Toole, MD, MPH, Thomas V. Inglesby, MD

Bioterrorism: Guidelines for Medical and Public Health Management

List Price: $16.95
AMA Member: $12.95

Bioterrorism: Guidelines for Medical and Public Health Management is the most credible and up-to-date book on the recognition, diagnosis and management of infections caused by agents used in bioterror weapons.

Edited by leading experts in the field and rigorously peer reviewed, this valuable clinical resource is the only book providing guidelines and recommendations for the medical and public health community following a bioterrorist attack.

Bioterrorism highlights:

  • Each disease/syndrome in logical and practically grounded order
  • History and potential for each disease/syndrome as a biological weapon
  • Epidemiology and microbiology
  • Pathogenesis and clinical presentation
  • Diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prophylaxis
  • Infection control and decontamination
  • Future research agendas
  • Specific diseases covered include anthrax, smallpox, plague, botulinum toxin and tularemia
  • Seminal articles describing the first bioterrorist attack with anthrax in the United States and an article on the principles of quarantine and isolation

"This remarkably current book should be a required information source for all clinicians, public health workers and emergency response personnel. It is crisply written, factual, definitive and well referenced."

Gerald L Mandell, MD, MACP, Professor of Medicine
Owen R Cheatham, Professor of the Sciences
University of Viginia Health Systems

"Written and assembled by the leading experts in the field - this book does the essential work of updating our knowledge about biological weapons and documenting the lessons learned from the anthrax attacks of October 2001. It's a must-read for any health professional whom may be called upon to respond to a future bioterrorist attack."

Senator Bill Frist, MD
Author of "When Every Moment Counts"

"This book by renowned experts should do much to help the medical and public health professions be alert to the danger and ready to respond. The book is warmly welcomed as a contribution to strengthened global health security against an unthinkable yet no longer unimaginable threat."

David L Heymann, MD
Executive Director
Communicable Diseases
World Health Organization

"Drs Henderson, Inglesby, and O'Toole have given medical and public health professionals a concise, clinical guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and containment of biological agents with the potential for use by terrorists. Their work is timely and valuable, and it may help save lives."

Frank Keating, Governor
State of Oklahoma

"Regardless of how knowledgeable and experienced in the diagnosis, therapy, and control of the diseases covered in this book you are, unless you have solid knowledge of these and other potential infectious diseases as possible agents of bioterrorism this book belongs not on your library shelf but close at hand for ready reference."

Albert Balows, PhD
Book Editor
Diagnostic: Microbiology and Infectious Disease
46 (2003) 233


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