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CPT Assistant

CPT Assistant Newsletter

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Item#: CA5009001
Authors: American Medical Association

CPT® Assistant: 1 Year Subscription (12 monthly issues)

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CPT® Assistant Newsletter is a must-have for users of CPT® Professional. The arrow symbol found next to various codes in CPT Professional directs you to in-depth information you need to code accurately and efficiently.

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AMA's CPT Assistant Newsletter has been instrumental to many in their appeal of insurance denials, validating coding to auditors, training their staff and simply making answering day-to-day coding questions second nature. Each monthly issue offers vital and timely information, including:

  • Keeping abreast of the latest codes and trends in the coding industry
  • Clinical scenarios that demystify confusing codes
  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions
  • Quick reference to anatomical illustrations, charts and graphs

Each issue of CPT Assistant Newsletter includes:

  • The most up-to-date information on codes and trends in the industry
  • Clinical scenarios that offer insight into confusing codes
  • Frequently asked questions section
  • Anatomical illustrations, charts and graphs
  • Information on par with that published in the Federal Register

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The AMA holds copyright in CPT and use or reprinting of CPT in any product or publication requires a license.

CPT® Assistant Editorial Board
This newly established board will give specialty societies, payers and other CPT stakeholders the opportunity to give formal input, review and contribute to CPT Assistant's coding content, making for a more dynamic publication. The goal of the Editorial Board is to take a more active role in responding to real world coding issues and to help resolve differences in opinion between physicians and third-party payers. To read more about the new CPT Assistant Editorial Board, its goals and its composition, please click on the link below.

Editorial Board Information


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