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Starting, Buying, & Owning the Medical Practice

Starting, Buying, and Owning the Medical Practice: e-book

Publisher: American Medical Association
ISBN#: 978-1-60359-756-2
Item#: EB312411
Authors: The Coker Group

Starting, Buying, and Owning the Medical Practice: E-Book (Non-printable)

List Price: $37.95
AMA Member: $27.95


Starting, Buying, and Owning the Medical Practice is a comprehensive resource that helps readers understand the steps involved in buying and starting a medical practice. Medical practice valuation is also covered in Starting, Buying, and Owning the Medical Practice.

Written for those establishing a solo practice, joining a group, or purchasing an existing practice, Starting, Buying, and Owning the Medical Practice provides in-depth information on the fundamentals of strategic practice management and future planning for the medical practice.

Determine the Most Appropriate Models & Methods for Stability & Growth

This resource focuses on the options, challenges and trends related to starting, buying and owning a medical practice.

Starting, Buying, and Owning the Medical Practice includes valuable information on the practical and operational functions of a practice's start-up, including legal, financial and personnel considerations.

It also features:

  • Details on new practice business models: Helps demystify emerging business models in the health care industry, including private ownership, physician alignment strategies and the physician as an employee
  • Information on current health care trends: Aids in strengthening physicians' current position or determining the position they are most comfortable in when planning for the future
  • Basic planning guidelines: Assists in understanding fundamentals and organizational alternatives to help make informed decisions to grow the practice
  • Charts and graphs: Provide visual aids that emphasize and clarify key points
  • Easy-to-read format: Written and designed for a wide range of health care personnel in various environments and settings

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